What Data Sources does BizProspex use?

What are the sources of data you use at BizProspex?

Our primary sources for data are b2b data portals & b2b social networking websites because they have the most updated database, but we also use Insideview, Crunchbase, Angelist, Google, Manta, Findthebest, Inc5000, hoovers, jigsaw, find the company, ZoomInfo, bigzz, Data.com, twitter, yellow pages, and other social networks to expand my search ability.

We also use certain Tools - We use many premium and free tools to find email addresses like Email hunter, FTL, Lead 411, sell hack, emailgenerator etc.

Phone - To find phone numbers, we use Pipl, 123people, jobster, Zaba search, and other social networks to expand my search ability
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    • How BizProspex is different from other CRM cleaning companies?

      BizProspex offers Manual CRM Cleaning Services while most other companies focus only on automated E-mail bounce-check (we. Clubbed with our 120% money back policy and 5 – 10-hours free trial we are sure to exceed your expectations.
    • How do you collect and update information?

      We have team of 40 online researchers who collect and update information through manual online research over internet. Team has years of experience and expertise to understand the in and outs of data industry. You can be rest assured about the ...
    • How do you ensure quality of the data?

      We at BizProspex.com specialize in developing data extraction solutions and services for our clients with mission critical business requirements. As a prerequisite, our number one priority is delivering high quality leads / data to our clients. To ...
    • Does BizProspex have expertise in LinkedIn Research?

      Yes, we at BizProspex have extensive expertise in LinkedIn Research having a decade's experience. We have access to LinkedIn premium accounts for our research work on LinkedIn.  We can get you required number of  contacts, emails, etc with 98% ...
    • What data can you provide me?

      We at BizProspex.com can extract and deliver data which is publicly accessible, however, there are certain legal considerations that need to be taken into account with every project (scraping behind a login, complying with terms and conditions, ...