What CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools do you use?

What CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools do you use?

We are not limited to a set of tools or products. We use human intelligence and cover everything that falls under CRM Cleaning.
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    • Can your team at BizProspex help us clean our CRM database?

      Yes, we can surely help you clean your CRM. All CRM's are almost the same and we can learn any (if we haven't used it in the past) in few hours because we have already experience in Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Insightly to name a few.  We are among ...
    • What Email Verification Tools do you use?

      To verify Emails we use Rapportive, mailtester validateemailaddress, verifyemailaddress, verifyemailaddress, email-checker, and a paid email verifier called Atom park to check for bounces. Also, we send every email manually to double-check the data.
    • What are the sources of data you use at BizProspex?

      Our primary sources for data are b2b data portals & b2b social networking websites because they have the most updated database, but we also use Insideview, Crunchbase, Angelist, Google, Manta, Findthebest, Inc5000, hoovers, jigsaw, find the company, ...
    • How BizProspex is different from other CRM cleaning companies?

      BizProspex offers Manual CRM Cleaning Services while most other companies focus only on automated E-mail bounce-check (we. Clubbed with our 120% money back policy and 5 – 10-hours free trial we are sure to exceed your expectations.
    • Do you use any software to verify email addresses?

      Yes, we do have a verification software called wahdata.com which we built inhouse along with wahleads (which is a LinkedIn scrapper) and use Rapportive for email verification, to check for bounces and spam traps, also we check every email by sending ...