What data can you provide me?

What types of data can you provide?

At BizProspex, we specialize in extracting and delivering publicly accessible data. However, it’s crucial to consider various legal factors for each project, such as scraping behind a login, adhering to terms and conditions, and complying with data privacy and copyright laws. When you submit a project request, our solution architecture team collaborates with our legal department to ensure compliance with all legal terms, including GDPR.

As we offer services like data mining, data cleaning, and CRM cleaning, we are highly adaptable in tailoring solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We have successfully executed numerous cross-border, multilingual projects for large companies worldwide.

For a glimpse into our past projects, you can explore our master sample sheet.

Additionally, we offer an insight into the multilingual global CRM cleaning project that we undertook, a testament to our capabilities. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.
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      Yes, we do provide free samples of our services at the beginning of our partnership with BizProspex.
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