Address Appending solution by BizProspex

Why is address verification important?

Benefits of address verification are as follows:

■ Improve the quality of your DB 
■ Improve email reply late
■ Save money on postage and handling
■ Narrow down the right people
■ Create better targeting with right location
■ Reduce expensive data anomalies 
■ Improve client servicing

Key features of BizProspex's services:

■ Check and validate U.S. addresses
■ Append zip codes for any business
■ Address standardization as per USPS rules
■ Lat / Lon appending
■ Append county, landmark
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    • What Email Verification Tools do you use?

      To verify Emails we use Rapportive, mailtester validateemailaddress, verifyemailaddress, verifyemailaddress, email-checker, and a paid email verifier called Atom park to check for bounces. Also, we send every email manually to double-check the data.
    • What data can you provide me?

      We at can extract and deliver data which is publicly accessible, however, there are certain legal considerations that need to be taken into account with every project (scraping behind a login, complying with terms and conditions, ...
    • How BizProspex is different from other CRM cleaning companies?

      BizProspex offers Manual CRM Cleaning Services while most other companies focus only on automated E-mail bounce-check (we can also offer automoated email bounce check via But at BizProspex, we offer human Intel as a service, clubbed ...
    • What are the sources of data you use at BizProspex?

      Our primary sources for data are b2b data portals & b2b social networking websites because they have the most updated database, but we also use Insideview, Crunchbase, Angelist, Google, Manta, Findthebest, Inc5000, hoovers, jigsaw, find the company, ...
    • What solutions do you offer?

      We offer CRM Data Cleaning, Data Solution, On-Demand Data Mining services, Data Appending Services, Email Appending Services, Skip Tracing, Phone Appending Services, Address Search, Data Verification Services, Data Scrubbing Services, Data Scraping ...