How does BizProspex verify Emails?

Do you utilize any software to verify email addresses?

We employ our in-house verification software called, which we developed alongside Wahleads, a LinkedIn scraper. Additionally, we utilize Rapportive for email verification purposes, ensuring checks for bounces and spam traps. 

Moreover, we conduct thorough validation by sending test emails to verify against bounces, greylisting, and “catch all” emails.
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    • Which Email Verification Tools do you utilize?

      For email verification, we leverage a range of tools including Rapportive, MailTester, ValidateEmailAddress, VerifyEmailAddress, Email-Checker, and a paid email verifier called Atom Park, primarily to detect bounces. Additionally, we employ a manual ...
    • Why is address verification important?

      Address verification offers several benefits: Enhance the quality of your database Expedite email responses Reduce costs associated with postage and handling Target the right audience effectively Enhance targeting accuracy by location Minimize costly ...
    • What are the primary data sources utilized by BizProspex?

      Our main data sources include leading B2B data portals and B2B social networking websites, as they maintain the most up-to-date databases. Additionally, we leverage platforms such as InsideView, Crunchbase, AngelList, Google, Manta, FindTheBest, ...
    • Do you offer free trials of your services at BizProspex?

      Yes, we do provide free samples of our services at the beginning of our partnership with BizProspex.
    • What are the benefits of choosing BizProspex for your data challenges?

      Choosing BizProspex for your data challenges offers a myriad of benefits. Our services empower you to achieve high productivity, with tailored sales solutions designed specifically for your enterprise. Each project is assigned a dedicated project ...